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We are closely specialized in planning, installing, suppyling and consulting for all types of ice rinks, according to the requirements of our clients.


For every location, planned budget or specific request we will create an optimal solution.

We plan our projects with an equally personalized approach, focusing on customer desires. Through engineering calculations and project designs we develop optimal and efficient solutions to meet the financial and other requirements for project implementation, regardless of the project size and complexity. Field measurements and insight into the characteristics of the technical predisposition of the planned site for the installation of the ice rink equipment, we can make the projects of great quality and always according to the wishes and needs of our clients. After obtaining all the necessary parameters and measures, we provide our clients with 3D visualization of the project in several versions, in order to realistically show the possibility of installing the ice rink on the planned location With 3D visualization, we elaborate the project to the smallest detail, allowing the client a realistic view of the ice rink position and fit on the desired location, as well as the further planning of accompanying content

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Mounting and dismantling

Following the principle of "turnkey" soulution, we plan and install ice rinks or ice parks to the last details, always within the agreed time

Mounting service includes installation, assembly and bringing the ice rink equipment into operation, balancing installation, adjustment of operating parameters and making the ice surface to a certain thickness. Parallel with the installation and commissioning process, in agreement with the client, we arrange training for the needs of regular maintenance and repair of the ice surface, carried out by our ttechnical eam members. Dismantling involves ice melting, ice removal, disassembly of the ice rink equipment and restoration of the ground and the environment on the location to its original state before the installation of the ice rink equipment.


Technical support

We provide call support and technical assistance for any issues or malfunctions that may happen during the usage of our ice rinks.

Throughout the entire period of operation of the ice rink, we provide 24-hour call service of our technicians and installers in case of necessary intervention. In addition to call support, we offer in agreement with the client, training for the proper use and know-how about maintaing the installation of the ice rink and procedures in case of malfunction of the installation


Equipment maintanance

We take care of maintaining and running of all technical details on the ice rink throughout the time period of the project.

With regular maintenance of equipment during the season, as well as outside of it, our team takes care of the equipment so it can be functional and it can last for a long time. Along with the tools and training of persons in charge of monitoring the operation of the ice rink equipment and maintaining the ice surface, we ensure that every project is made with high quality and are effective from the first to the last day of the operation.

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Our team designs and produces top quality
ice skating rinks and ice parks that you can rely on.



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