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Ice rinks

For every location, planned budget or specific request we strive to create and realize the optimal solution. We approach with personalized plan, creating original and costumized product for each client.

Mobile ice rinks


The main advantages of mobile ice rinks are characterized by a high level of modularity and performances in various forms.Usually performed less complex rink in a rectangular, square or circular shape of small business to the Olympic size (ice hall), and the size adjustment of the area of the location and the possibility of extending or changing the location setting from season to season.Mobile ice rinks are used as open and covered or indoors like ice hall.The technology which makes Arctic mobile ice rinks, allows easy handling in the assembly and disassembly, the form can be easily adapted to the space and the size of the location to set up, can be moved from season to season.

Ice skating, as a brand new sport in said areas, satisfy the participants on many levels:

•  sports and recreational

• health

• entertainment

• educational,to which we are particularly proud with the youngest skaters.

Ice rinks are multi throughout the season, and vary according to the purpose:

• advent

• event rink

• professional sports

• summer.


Ice rinks with ice tracks

Recently, we developed a more complex implementation of mobile ice rinks that are different from the rest.They are composed of a larger central rink that is connected to one or more trails in the sliding joint unit.

The size of the trails, their amount and form create individually depending on the location and requirement of the client.Rink made with one trail, gives a unique look and provides greater entertainment and additional pleasure of skating for the whole family.


Ice parks

The ice parks are largest and most complex form of an ice rink comprising the sliding trail of the one or more central rink interconnected together.The circuit assemblies of different shapes sliding track for one or more turns of the rotor and the flat parts, creates a particularly interesting appearance and playful whole stock and ice skating experience.Unless trails for skating, ice content parks often complement and slides with ice and snow playground with the youngest.Offer ice parks intended for the whole family, sliders and not sliders, where everyone can find for yourself interesting content.


Zagreb, prosinac 2014.Klizalište na Tomislavovom trguSnimio Igor Nobilo

Curling and eisstock ice tracks

Curling is one of the most interesting winter sports that has gained wide popularity in recent times.Curling courts are handle with the special tools and equipment, and are made in oblong rectangular shape and may be separate or part of the surface of the rink.Thanks to the mobile technology of surface for freezing, curling courts can be set up at different locations.

Permanent ice rinks

The advantage of permanent ice rinks lays in the refrigeration pipes being installed in the concrete covering layer, thus enabling quick and easy removal of the ice surface at the end of the winter skating season and providing the opportunity to prepare the surface for other sports and various public activities. This installation enables a possibility for and structure or sport hall to be multi-functional and to be used throughout the year with a variety of different events.

Permanent ice rinks consists from a set of components installed on the foreseen location, such as: refrigeration pipes (either in EPDM or PEHD materials), air-cooled refrigeration unit or a refrigeration room and a dasherboard system. This type of ice rink has a short construction time and is usually set up indoors, such as sports halls and areas intended for recreational activities, but it can be installed outdoors as well.


Multi-functional ice rinks

Multi-functional ice rinks consists from ice mats, air-cooled refrigeration unit and dasherboards. Ice mats (either in EPDM or PEHD materials) are placed under artificial grass, tartan surface or other surfaces used for sports, recreation or any public events.

This technology enables the use of the sports surface for skating in the winter season and for other sports and recreational activities in the other seasons of the year.


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